bonne nuit! diary

assalammualaikum semua,ya have a great time jyeah!. miss me? haha sorry last i opened this blog when 2012! am i right? now it's 2013 alia...so my blog said to me "WELCOME BACK MISS ALIA" you wants know my result..hmmm let me say,that i don't have any failed in my subject! just get b and c..no A'S .first i'm really upset because i don't get A's in my agama,science,geography and history.but i'm target it! nevermine,maybe ada hikmah disebaliknya kan..i will try my best in my spm soon..ya maybe around the corner..hey next year only kay.and now,at my school i got aliran account.but i dah mohon untuk masuk aliran sains but failed..because only my math i got c..huh...but i'm tried my best in account class,hmm it's really difficult .maybe same as science stream.but i thought you they are really difficult then me.but the teachers said that gaji account akan lagi banyak dari science sebab kita lagi banyak kira-kira.and for me,just study until university.kerja apa pun tak kira janji pendapatan kita halal.but me i must study hardly and smartly if not kenalah dengan mom I..hee takut...but first year exam..memang tak disangka,i got 64 % in my account..walaweyhh..hahah..but i think my mid exam...maybe fail..ohh i'm really scared! that question are more difficult!..so i can't do ! but ..i got last changes,final exam..i must score it!ok that's it bye ;)

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